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Accredited Seminar
Chris Runnels, President of Advanced Audio Systems is pleased to offer a new continuing education accredited seminar:
“FUNERAL HOME TECHNOLOGY…What’s THIS going to cost me !?”
This presentation informs and entertains participants while they learn about the ever-changing world of technology available to the death care industry.
Specific topics can always be requested, Standard presentation topics include:
  • Is this thing on?!  Why you might have the wrong microphone. 
  • Webcasting;  is it safe?
  • CCTV;  The rights and rules of recording for liability and protection.
  • Casket-Cam?  No, It’s not what you think. 
  • But I don’t want a TV on the wall!  Video and the Funeral Home.
  • Your Ascap/Bmi Music License;  Why you still might be in a lot of trouble.
  • “Houston, we have a problem…”  Your sound system’s cry for help
Chris Runnels has enjoyed a growing success in developing audio/visual products and services for funeral homes since 1999. He has had a significant influence in some of the newest and most interesting technical innovations available for the funeral industry today.
As one of the few technology providers serving the death care industry, Chris has unique insight on where funeral home technology may be headed, and why even “traditional” funeral homes need to be prepared.
Presentations are not sales based, and seminars can be presented to your state or county groups, as well as Trade shows or conventions for continuing education credits. Speaking engagements can be arranged for nearly any location and specific time and content of the presentation can be requested. All necessary audio/visual equipment can be provided.
For further information, please call Chris at 513-609-4949, or send an email to
(There will be fees and costs associated with speaking engagements. They are not intended to be funded by potential sales.)
Check out our references, all of whom would be happy to talk with you about the services we have provided them, and their feelings on our company and our work.
– Chris Runnels, owner of Advanced Audio Systems
Receive more information right away – Don‘t hesitate!