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Does the quality of your audio system measure up to the rest of the services you provide?
From a simple podium microphone update, to audio/visual distribution and recording, Advanced Audio Systems can help you bring the quality of your sound and video systems up to the standards that you have for all the other services that you provide.
Video in the funeral home has become a requirement for most families.
We can provide discreet cameras for recording and overflow viewing. We can also mount televisions or projection systems where they are needed to distribute your video around the building.
Video Recording and Webcasting
We can provide installation services for all equipment needed to webcast and record your funeral services. We are also the parent company for, a complete turn-key webcasting solution. (formerly TUKIOS webcasting service,) We come to you, install all necessary equipment, provide on site training , provide phone support for your staff AND your families, making webcasting a guaranteed success.
Advanced Audio Systems is ready to help protect your funeral home from theft and damages with new high definition cctv and video security systems.
We can install systems capable of streaming video to other locations and smartphones as well.
Casket Cam
We can also provide installation of our “Casket Cam”, a closed circuit revolution in covert camera technology created for the funeral industry.
Casket-Cam is a hidden camera concealed in the housing of a small fire sprinkler shell, and is designed to be discretely mounted on the ceiling over the casket to record any interference with a body during a visitation or funeral.
Digitize Your Music Library
Advanced Audio Systems can digitize YOUR library to a computer, iPod or other MP3 player.
We can even give you the ability to control the music for your services from anywhere in the funeral home using wireless technology.
Royalty Free Music
We’ve teamed up with The O’Neill Brothers to bring you an enormous library of high quality instrumental music at very affordable prices. Individual titles can be downloaded for $0.99, and complete collections are also available.
These royalty-free selections are available for use as background music for visitation and funeral services.
There are many popular songs for funerals as well as original music.
Music can be purchased and Download online, or you can order CD collections to be mailed directly to you. The music is perfectly suited and arranged for the funeral environment.
Graveside PA
The portable, rechargeable Graveside PA System includes a handheld wireless microphone, an iPod dock, and several other inputs to ensure that everyone at your graveside service can hear clearly.
The system is completely self contained and can be recharged from a standard wall outlet, or be charged by your vehicle’s 12 volt socket. It will hold a charge for up to 30 days, and be ready to use for many hours, as it has a large internal rechargeable battery.
Check out our references, all of whom would be happy to talk with you about the services we have provided them, and their feelings on our company and our work.
– Chris Runnels, owner of Advanced Audio Systems